Broke Straight Boys: Dallas Ari Fucks Drew Stone

Broke Straight Boys: Dallas Ari Fucks Drew Stone

He’s leaning against the wall, left hand holding his phone and right hand holding his cock. Drew Stone‘s morning ritual of jerking himself off suddenly gets rudely interrupted by Dallas Ari, who barges in and declares a problem with his wifi.

Drew offers Dallas a hotspot, but only for a quid pro quo. “This dick isn’t gonna suck itself,” Drew acknowledges, while Dallas takes a moment before he consents to his terms.

Broke Straight Boys: Dallas Ari Fucks Drew Stone

He takes off Drew’s gym shorts and Dallas quickly gets Drew’s fine, new-to-the-scene cock in his mouth. Enjoying the feeling of Dallas’s tongue wrapped around his penis, Drew moans in delight every time Dallas comes up for air.

Time for Dallas to take a piece of the new guy’s ass, he gently prepares his cock to slide into Drew’s tight, deep asshole. They both moan in the sensation.

On his side, Drew stretches his leg in the air against Dallas’s chest. The top holds his ankle and slides once again deep. First with quick pulses and then long, gyrating strokes.

Drew grabs his cock and brings himself to blow his load. The precisely same moment, Dallas joins in. The two make a cream pool of Drew’s happy trail in exchange for the wifi hotspot.

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