ChaosMen: Bryce Hart and Jack Andy – Edge

ChaosMen: Bryce Hart and Jack Andy - Edge

Bryce Hart and Jack Andy are feeling a little playful and decided to experiment with some edging.

Jack Andy is BACK – a little older, a little furrier, and ready to shoot!

We find Bryce reclining in a comfortable chair as Jack enters the room with a bandana. Jack ties the bandana around Bryce’s eyes as a blindfold, then massages his hands down Bryce’s chest, giving Bryce’s nipples a tweak before fetching a pair of headphones for some sound isolation.

Jack puts the headphones over Bryce’s ears, then returns with some rope to secure Bryce’s hands behind the back of the chair.

ChaosMen: Bryce Hart and Jack Andy - Edge

With Bryce restrained, Jack gets to work playing with Bryce’s nipples and massaging Bryce’s dick through his soft shorts. When Jack decides Bryce is ready, Jack removes Bryce’s shorts to reveal Bryce’s rock-hard cock, ready for some more stimulation.

Jack jerks Bryce’s cock and tweaks his nipples, occasionally leaning in for a kiss. Bryce squirms in his chair as the sensations become almost too much to handle. Jack slows down the pace a bit and teases Bryce some more – it’s not time for Bryce to cum yet.

Jack leans down and softly licks Bryce’s cock just a bit. Then Jack spits in his hand and uses it as lube to work Bryce’s dick a little harder and tighter. Bryce throws his head back with pleasure.

Jack leans forward and starts sucking Bryce’s dick, tugging on Bryce’s balls. When he senses Bryce getting close, Jack stops and goes back to playing with Bryce’s nipples. Jack expertly alternates between cocksucking and nipple play as he brings Bryce closer and closer to the edge.

Jack decides to let Bryce cum, so he starts rapidly jerking Bryce’s dick as he licks and teases Bryce’s nipple. Bryce fires a thick load all over his stomach and the arm of the chair as Jack massages Bryce’s cum into his belly.

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