ChaosMen: Cade Jaxon and Quinn Quire – Edge

ChaosMen: Cade Jaxon and Quinn Quire - Edge

Cade Jaxon sits comfortably in a chair as Quinn Quire enters the room with a blindfold. Quinn ties the blindfold around Cade’s eyes, makes some minor adjustments, then reaches for a length of fabric to secure Cade’s hands. Quinn announces that Cade is “just my plaything now” and Cade giggles as Quinn takes control.

ChaosMen: Cade Jaxon and Quinn Quire - Edge

Quinn explores Cade’s body and makes his way down to Cade’s cock, which is already hard inside his Calvin Klein briefs. Quinn taps Cade’s balls before he peels away Cade’s briefs to reveal his rock-hard cock.

The two share a kiss as Quinn teases Cade’s balls some more. Cade enjoys having his balls handled roughly, and Quinn is only too happy to oblige.

Quinn begins sucking Cade’s cock as Cade moans with pleasure. Quinn continues teasing Cade’s balls as he sucks Cade’s cock and explores Cade’s body with his hands.

As Quinn feels Cade getting close to cumming, Quinn slows down and alternates between some more ball-teasing, nipple-play, and kissing. Cade writhes with pleasure as Quinn continues to build up Cade’s eventual orgasm.

Quinn decides it’s time for Cade to cum, so Quinn begins stroking Cade’s cock faster and faster until Cade is thrusting in the chair. Cade shoots ropes of cum that dribble down Quinn’s hand and onto Cade’s stomach and thighs. Quinn feeds Cade some of his own cum as the two share another kiss.

See more of Quinn and Cade – and the video – at ChaosMen.

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