ChaosMen: Dean Dallas

ChaosMen: Dean Dallas

Dean Dallas delivers a candid interview, revealing that he identifies as “gay”. Growing up, he played baseball as a pitcher AND a catcher … wink wink. He prefers solid, hairy guys, but personality is most important.

Dean is excited to share that he’s lately been able to cum without touching his dick as he’s getting fucked. He’s still perfecting this “talent” but he seems determined to add this trick to his wheelhouse.

ChaosMen: Dean Dallas

Dean stands next to the bed and flexes for the camera before reaching into his lounge shorts, throwing his head back as he begins to stroke his uncut cock, which is quickly reacting to the attention.

After peeling off his shorts, Dean waggles his cock for the camera before returning to his unique stroking style – two fingers on the underside, sliding his foreskin up and down. This kind of grip really showcases his loose nuts as they bounce and sway along with his strokes.

Dean flips over on to his knees and showcases his ass for you, using one hand to stroke his cock downward as he fingers his hole with the other. He rises to his knees, quivering as he fucks his hand.

Ready to cum, Dean lays back, puts a finger in his ass and strokes his dick until he shoots ropes of cum that land in his pubes and dribble down the side of his shaft, leaving some to collect in his foreskin. He teases his cock with his cum, rubbing it all over his body and cock head.

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