ChaosMen: Dominic Pacifico

ChaosMen: Dominic Pacifico

If you’ve been a long-time ChaosMen fan, you may remember Dominic Pacifico from 2006 – he first appeared on the site on December 29 of that year, but he’s back, beefier, and daddy-er than ever!

Dominic gives a candid interview in which he reveals that he’s matured into a pretty self-assured, chill guy who’s attracted to confidence. But don’t let his sweet smile fool you – he considers himself a “BDSM Dom Master.”

ChaosMen: Dominic Pacifico

Dominic stands and reveals his fat dick for the camera, tugging on his balls and slapping his meat against his stomach before sitting back, throwing his jockstrap at the audience, and continuing to stroke his cock.

Legs-spread, Dominic rubs his furry stomach and chest, lifting an arm up to showcase his armpit for you. He leans back and works his dick and balls – he loves tugging on them and with a set like that, we can see why.

As Dominic approaches climax, he lays back and works his dick with both hands as he shoots a thick load into his pubes.

See more of Dominic at ChaosMen.

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