ChaosMen: Draven Navarro and Mason Lear – Serviced

ChaosMen: Draven Navarro and Mason Lear - Serviced

Some of you may recall Mason Lear from his last few appearances on ChaosMen! He’s a little older, a little wiser, a little furrier, and ready to get serviced by Draven Navarro.

Draven and Mason start out on the couch. Draven’s been so entranced by “the game” on television that he hasn’t even noticed Mason got fully-nude, erect, and has been playing with his dick for some time. Draven decides he’d rather play ball than watch it on TV, so he quickly moves closer to Mason to help him with his boner.

ChaosMen: Draven Navarro and Mason Lear - Serviced

Draven licks, sucks, and deep-throats Mason’s cock until Mason notices Draven’s thicc ass. Draven strips off his shorts and showcases his hole for Mason, and Mason quickly helps himself to some hole.

Even though this is supposed to be Mason’s serviced video, Mason can’t help himself – he sucks and edges Draven until Draven can’t take it anymore. Mason flips back over so Draven can continue his expect servicing of his cock.

Draven kneels on the floor so that Mason can stand and throat-fuck him. Draven takes it like a champ as Mason goes to town. As Mason approaches climax, he pulls out and strokes himself until he shoots a thick load all over Draven’s face and the floor.

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