ChaosMen: Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo – Serviced

ChaosMen: Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo - Serviced

Helloojose lies face-down on the massage table as Marco Lorenzo walks in. Marco squirts some massage oil onto his hands and gently rubs it along Helloojose’s back, shoulders, and sides.

Marco gets a little more “intimate,” squirting some massage oil onto Helloojose’s hole before diving right in to explore with his tongue. Helloojose encourages Marco to continue by lifting his ass up as Marco explores deeper.

ChaosMen: Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo - Serviced

Helloojose hoists his hips upward, giving Marco access to Helloojose’s cock and balls. Marco strokes Helloojose’s package before flipping him over onto his back. Marco applies some more oil, then quickly focuses his attention on Helloojose’s rock-hard cock, which is bouncing with anticipation as Marco explores Helloojose’s thighs.

Marco gives Helloojose an expert deep throating, taking all of Helloojose’s uncut cock into his mouth and probing his hole with his fingers. Helloojose offers a helping hand by placing it on the back of Marco’s head and pushing it down further onto his dick.

As Helloojose approaches climax, Marco strokes Helloojose’s cock and Helloojose shoots a thick load all over his lower stomach and thighs. Marco leans forward and tastes Helloojose’s load, then comes up to share it with Helloojose.

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