ChaosMen: Reese Arden

ChaosMen: Reese Arden

Reese Arden is so adorable! With his charming smile and hot looks, this diminutive dude packs a great cock, and a delicious bubble-butt.

He is 20-years-old and at 5’5″ and 130pds, he is a tight bundle of sexual energy. Reese predominately likes to bottom, but he has been known to top on many occasions.

ChaosMen: Reese Arden

Smart and already thinking of graduate medical school, Reese is looking to do some porn to help supplement his scholarships.

Reese doesn’t seem to have a type of guy. He leans toward younger guys, but Daddy’s are not out of the question.

He seems mature for his age, and if he isn’t already boyfriend material, he will soon be ready for someone to put a ring on him.

Oh, and it is fun to watch his toes wriggle around while he jerks his cock, with a wiggle crescendo when he shoots his load!

See all of Reese on video over at ChaosMen.

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