ChaosMen: Reese Rideout

ChaosMen: Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout started in the biz years back (check his content on QC), but he recently returned after a long hiatus. He identifies as “not straight” but “not gay”. The guys think that means he’s down for just about anything, and he validates that throughout this Solo.

ChaosMen: Reese Rideout

Reese stays in shape with exercise and dietary supplements. He discuses how he got into the industry and shares how he spent his time during his hiatus, then he stands next to the bed and delivers the kind of striptease you’d expect from a guy with some experience.

Reese lays back on the bed and thrusts upwards as he jerks his dick. Legs-spread, he reaches forward with one hand and begins to tease his hole as he continues to work his cock.

He flips over on to his stomach, pushes his cock backwards through his legs, then begins to hump the bed as we get a closer look. Reese rises to his knees again, adds some lube, then continues to stroke his cock for the camera, pausing to taste a sample of his precum.

As Reese approaches climax, he lays back on the bed and works up a thick load that he shoots on to his stomach, thrusting and moaning as he squeezes out every last drop. He scoops up some cum with his fingers and tastes it as he smiles at the camera.

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