DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Ace Quinn, Sharok, Carson McCallister, and More!


A whole bunch of the hottest thirst traps from the most delicious guys on Twitter are coming your way! We welcome you to this sedition of “Dirty Tweets of The Week”!

It’s like everyone’s trying to win your heart but most of them are getting you hooked into their timelines using their ecstatic charms and sex appeal. These guys are never gonna get tired of teasing their avid followers! Take a look at some of the juciest tweets from this week!

While Sky Knoxx is expressiong his gratitude, he shows us something we should also be thankful for!

Thank you for an incredible few days.
Until next time my Gentlemen [email protected] pic.twitter.com/YbkJo6Pi0s

— Skyy Knox (@SkyyKnox) January 17, 2020

Are you wiling to volunteer in helping Ace Quinn?

I need your love ? pic.twitter.com/ulzRxs3A85

— Ace Quinn (@TheAceQuinn) January 17, 2020

See Justin Matthews seduce you with an impressive pec-bounce.

I’m back ??? pic.twitter.com/E1ULIFx057

— Justin Matthews (@JustinMatthewsx) January 18, 2020

The director is leaving Raging Stallion.

Goodbye @raging_stallion how nice to do something consciously. The last day was so wonderful. @adamramzi_xo is family and @VanderPulaski vanderpumps y’all pic.twitter.com/KodxdjCRap

— Steve Cruz (@iamstevecruz) January 17, 2020

We’re ready to give you the gift of oral sex Zak!

It’s my birthday and I’m back in my old town of Vegas!! #birthdaygirl pic.twitter.com/rPqvUyPdXM

— Zak Bishop (@zakbishopxx) January 19, 2020

Ashton Summers is looking lean and sexy.

Waiting for my food ?? pic.twitter.com/YedVPnR0E7

— Ashton Summers (@AshtonSummers11) January 14, 2020

“sweetener” is just a perfect soundtrack for Aiden Marlo‘s ass display.

RT if you’d do this position with me ? pic.twitter.com/i1GFDDik4N

— Aiden Marlo [77k] (@marlo_aiden) January 13, 2020

Carson wasn’t able to control himself.

Happy Friday everyone! ? so today I went to my straight buddies house and decided to jack off and cum inside his bathroom. Make sure to watch it till the end because I decide to have a little snack [email protected] pic.twitter.com/WLdNJSE8eQ

— Carson McCallister (@CarsonMcCallis1) January 18, 2020

Shake that booty Mr. Eddy. Show us your talent!

?tranquilizer, bum bum ? pic.twitter.com/xVetLIUFSR

— Eddy CeeTee ?? (@EddyCeetee) January 17, 2020

Make sure to catch Sharok in the men’s room next time you bumped into him at a party.

Parties bore me…. wish someone would meet me in the men’s room pic.twitter.com/OfBF4ojdCF

— Sharok (@TheSharok) January 19, 2020

Which tweet did send you the energy you would need to get through this week? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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