DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK featuring Paul Cassidy, Griffin Barrows, Drake Masters, and more!


Halloween is over so your favorite people from gay porn are taking all their costumes off. They might have gone a bit too far when it comes to stripping. See all these wonderful posts they shared here on “Dirty Tweets of the Week”

Too much elevator action from Paul Cassidy and Elio Chalamet are coming your way but in the meantime, check out some other stories below:

This crop top by Zander Lane makes him perfect for American Horror Story: 1984.

Am I a frat gay yet? pic.twitter.com/AcObFdpTOe

— Zander Lane (@XZanderLaneX) November 8, 2019

Would you let Sean Cody‘s Jed have your money if he does something more than this?

Gimme all the dollahs… tuck um in my waistband ??‍☠️?‍☠️?‍☠️ pic.twitter.com/6eFQU7Wqg3

— Jeb from SC (@Jebadiah94) November 8, 2019

We commend Jake Ashford for putting up some sexy muscle weight for us!

Heaviest weigh in yet pic.twitter.com/46RmRaLAeM

— Jake Ashford (@jake_ashfordxx) November 7, 2019

These guys get too cozy inside the elevator.

Elevator rides with @TheParkerHayes ??? pic.twitter.com/BGiEMl5B0z

— Jax Thirío (@JaxThirio) November 3, 2019

Plus Paul Cassidy and Elio Chalamet too! Where are these elevators so we could also come and wish to be trapped inside?

Caption this ? @ChalametEli pic.twitter.com/ZnjKj25SOv

— Paul Cassidy (@PaulCassidyReal) November 6, 2019

Welcome “backSteve!

Howdy ?
Just want to say thank you for the massive warm welcoming of my return to porn. I no longer have anything to do with the duo I was once in, we split up a year ago. I went off to study and now I’m single and doing it on my own. If you want to see collabs let me know ❤️? pic.twitter.com/hTphGUF5dp

— Steve D (@steve_d104) November 7, 2019

Drake Masters might have gone crazy with some creamy milkshake or something.

Saturday’s… Feed the pup a [email protected] pic.twitter.com/1uLi45ROZY

— DrakeMastersxxx (@DMastersxxx) November 9, 2019

We stan a woke dick by Steven Lee!

Voting turns me on pic.twitter.com/oXLjEKlA6a

— Steven Lee XXX (@gaygringo_) November 5, 2019

Kaleb Stryker is practicing for a fuck session!

stretching out that tight ? with a long dark ? pic.twitter.com/A5vdhEj42Q

— Kaleb Stryker (@KalebStryker) November 8, 2019

We love an edging Griffin Barrows for ourselves.

Edging before the gym; getting that T up but trying not to bust ? pic.twitter.com/7EJTt3EdeN

— Griffin Barrows (@griffinbarrowsx) November 8, 2019

We hope you have had a sexy week just like these men. Which tweet is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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