DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK featuring Tom Bentley, Ruslan Angelo, Tyler Sweet, and more!


Buttholes and a whole lot of dicks. These are just few of our favorite things. And our faves always deliver to our wants and needs through their social media. Welcome to this edition of “Dirty Tweets of the Week“!

Ruslan Angelo, Tyler Sweet, and Tom Bentley serve some treats for all the butt and asshole lovers out there. See what they have to offer for all the starving tops and other tweets down below!

You have to click the image for surprise. Tom Bentley is ready for his top!

Because a slutty bathroom hole selfie is needed every once in a while. pic.twitter.com/asIdp21QIH

— Tom Bentley (@IAmTomBentley) October 25, 2019

Nick Capra‘s bravado is strong here. Do you guys think he is iconic? Tell us in the comments section below!

I don’t tell many performers how to remain relevant in this industry for almost 18 years.
Because they already think they know it all.

It’s human nature.

It’s also why I’ll still be around after 98% of this new generation of performers are forgotten. #IcoNick #Survival pic.twitter.com/Y0xuPSOLjg

— Nick Capra (@nickcapra) October 22, 2019

Here’s a proof that Dolf Dietrich still has it as he announced his “un-retirement”.

The corporate job I was at for the past 6 months did not work out i can’t discuss details BUT I’m bringing back Dolf Dietrich if ya’ll will still have me?? I’m back at the gym now again 5 days a week beefing up for roles and appearances.. I’ve missed you guys! ❤️❤️❤️ pic.twitter.com/VYUfB3L5WA

— Dolf Dietrich 130k (@DolfDietrich) October 18, 2019

Here’s a reminder that it’s not apple that keeps the doctor away. It’s the ? as per Adrian Hart!

Don’t forget the ? pic.twitter.com/t4ZZZrfiCQ

— Adrian Hart (@adrianhartjax) October 25, 2019

Look at Tyler Sweet‘s cute way of thanking all his followers. Looks like a soft and sexy butt.

I can’t believe it. 30K for sppoky season. Yes sir. ? pic.twitter.com/fDFGqfTzwg

— Tyler Sweet (@tylerxxxsweet) October 24, 2019

Trent King is asking you something.

What you think ? pic.twitter.com/Ljgdg29kCY

— Trent King (@TrentKing2016) October 21, 2019

Eli Lincoln thinks that you deserve to see what he does when he is alone and horny!

I’m so horny tonight!! You can see more in the link belowhttps://t.co/FV5k3iu2xn pic.twitter.com/6v84o12eC2

— Eli Lincoln (@LincolnEli) October 21, 2019

Killian Adam is enjoying Ruslan Angelo‘s smooth hole in this short clip. Watch it if you want to drool.

Super sexy sunrise sex with the hottest #Svenska in the world @RuslanAngeloxxx Amazing background from our balcony view in Miami . Fucking beautiful way to wake up ??https://t.co/lVPpTL6ZKghttps://t.co/vaXkPQW40m #booty #butt #bigbutt #ass #bigdick pic.twitter.com/5PeAsZXFUM

— Killian Adam (@KillianAdam) October 25, 2019

Nice pose Izan Loren!

Today I feel like publishing a photo when I made a scene with my mate. Goodnight! ??? pic.twitter.com/pkqL6Labwt

— IZAN LOREN (@IzanLorenXXX) October 22, 2019

Brock Magnus looks like he’s aiming at your face with his dick!

You guys were asking me for a cum so here it is ! Watch it now ?https://t.co/T5t2eNNcnl [email protected] pic.twitter.com/3dm9iSLAqe

— Brock Magnus (@BrockMagnusXXX) October 26, 2019

We hope you have had a sexy week just like these men. Which tweet is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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