Flirt4Free: Dimitri Sullivan is a Dominant Master

Flirt4Free: Dimitri Sullivan is a Dominant Master

If you love being the submissive, then check out Dimitri Sullivan. This guy loves to be dominant and he’s been craving a hard fuck for too long.

Dimitri started camming last April and he’s already one of the most popular Flirt4Free men on gay cams. He’s made tons of camming videos for fans who want to see those ripped muscles and tattoos. Make sure you give this guy all the permission to go as hard as he wants. He’s a man who needs to be in control.

Flirt4Free: Dimitri Sullivan is a Dominant Master

“I love being dirty, I enjoy dominating and taking full control of my partner,” he says in his profile. “I enjoy playing, tying, spanking, spitting and cumming on my partner. Being strong and tough is always my fantasy.”

Dimitri’s slaves must get down on their knees and tell him how badly they want to be fucked for their Flirt4Free gay needs. Here’s what the fans are saying so far:

“Dimitri is an amazing flirt, very hot and very powerful. He is my master and I worship and obey him. Highly recommended.”

Flirt4Free: Dimitri Sullivan is a Dominant Master

“A fantastic charming man full of love and hotness to share with us. His shows are always amazing and incredibly spicy!! Love his tattoos and cute sexy ass!!!”

“I love Dimitri!!!! He is SUPER SUPER SUPER HOT!! After you have tried the rest then come try the best which is Dimitri!! Those eyes, tattoos, muscles and monster cock will make you melt like butter!! TEAM DIMITRI!!!”

You may also get a glimpse of Dimitri’s gorgeous smile when he jerks his cock. When you give yourself to him, that will make him very happy. The second you click that button to go private with him, Dimitri will get right to the point. He’ll strip down and tell you to bend over for all his fucking needs.

So, get down on all fours and please Dimitri. He’s been waiting for someone to make him cum. Get your private show with Dimitri on Flirt4Free!

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