Colby Jansen and Ty Mitchell Colby Jansen and Ty Mitchell

Ty Mitchell is just too horny to behave himself when his girlfriend brings him along to visit her parents. He sneaks away to try to get some relief by humping a pillow in the guest room, then attempts to hump his GF till she banishes him to the bedroom to cool down. On the way, he sees movement and instinctually starts humping the leg… that belongs to his girl’s beefy papa, Colby Jansen. The DILF picks Ty up and drops him on the bed, and the horny young man eagerly swallows Colby’s cock and takes that dick in his ass like there’s no tomorrow. Colby’s got the cure for Ty’s blue balls as he pounds him till Ty cums, then covers Ty’s face with his load. Colby Jansen and Ty Mitchell

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