Queer Clicks: August 01 | Broadway Legend Hal Prince has Died, Guy Tries to get rid of Gaga Tattoo, Gets Outed as Gay Adult Performer, & Other Clicks

Broadway Legend Hal Prince has Died

‘Hal Prince, the Broadway royal and prodigious Tony winner, the producer or director (or both) of many of the theater’s most enduring musicals, including “Damn Yankees,” “West Side Story,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Cabaret,” “Sweeney Todd” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” the longest-running show in Broadway history, died on Wednesday in Reykjavik, Iceland. He was 91.’ Towleroad

How this Remote Danish Island Became an Unexpected Queer Destination

The Faroe Islands just celebrated its 10th Pride, a testament to its small but tenacious queer community. New Now Next

Guy Tries to get rid of Gaga Tattoo, Gets Outed as Gay Adult Performer

We all know that you’ve got to be careful with what you put on social media, but it seems you can’t even post about your painful laser removal these days, without being outed as a gay porn star. Cocktails and Cock Talk

Netflix’s new Kung Fu Show has LGBT Characters

While we await the arrival of new Marvel Hero Shang-Chi, played by the new leading man Simu Liu, Netflix is supplying us with a suitable stand-in. The streaming program has released the trailer for a new Kung Fu series titled Wu Assassins. Instinct

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