The Top 10 Security Guards of Young Perps

Part of the Say Uncle network, YoungPerps is a site dedicated to those in the loss prevention division of retail. These uniformed security officers are responsible for not only security, but apprehension and interrogation of shop lifters and sexual deviants. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Security officers here to celebrate their achievements and showcase a little of what happens behind the scenes.

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Devin Trez is new to the Young Perps security force, but he has definitely proven himself as a powerful deterrent to illicit activity. Most recently Devin has apprehended a compulsive masturbatory perp. Upon closer inspection the officer discovered stolen goods in the perp’s underwear.

Drake Magnum has a knack for finding young perps and catching them in the act. His methods have yielded good results.

Officer McKeon has moved on from enforcement but his record is outstanding in apprehension. THis officer often used strip searches to ensure stolen goods were not secreted on the perps’ person.

Officer Knight has a no nonsense approach and has proven powerful. His colleagues respect him and his speak softly yet carry a big weapon approach. Those that he has apprehended will not forget their encounter with him.

Officer Silva is new to the force but in his short tenure he has proven to be quite effective. Those that he has interrogated have strong incentive to not return. Powerful large incentive.

Officer DelRay was with the team for only a short while but he was known on the team as someone not to mess around with. He was focused and harsh. He was known as being a very hands on deterrent sort of officer. Very hands on.

Officer Mike Maverick is ex-military and he brings a quite professionalism to the team. he is no nonsense and very efficient. He was also a fan of strip searches, when someone is naked they have very little to hide and be VERY forthcomming.

Officer Paris is all work at work, but those on the team say he is a practical joker. He’s always up to antics with the team, but with the perps he is all seriousness. He is VERY thorough in his interrogations.

Officer Woods has been with the team for a while. He apprehends perps on a regular basis. He likes to use his wand to check for goods that may be hidden anywhere.

Last, but not least on this top 10 list is Officer Lear. Mason is quiet and the team knows little of his home life, but there are rumors circulating that he may have made some adult films in the past….

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