This Chastity Belt is Worth $13,000!

This Chastity Belt is Worth $13,000!

As YouTube channel wickydkewl claims, this could be the most expensive chastity belt in the world.

This Chastity Belt is Worth $13,000!

Who would have known that lust control can be a luxury statement too? Porn star Clark Lewis appeared on Davey Wavey’s vlog to show off a $13,000 chastity belt. It’s not the ordinary type you can buy on Etsy though, hence the price.

The orgasm control device looks like something out of a medieval sex dungeon. Clark had it custom-made by a ‎Worcestershire based company Behind Bars in Hartlebury. It’s made of hard, molten steel from the waist strap to the penis cage so you might be able to imagine how uncomfortable it is to wear one.

Aside from the material used to make the chastity belt, the complicated lock mechanism is a perfect representation of bidding farewell to sexual pleasure.

If you think you can still handle wearing this the anti-temptation device, wait ’til you see its huge and heavy lock.

The device was used by Clark in a medieval-themed Himeros TV film. You can watch its entirety to see how this chastity belt played a role in the feature. You can see it being tried on by Clark himself too in the video below:

Would you try a chastity belt this expensive for fun and added kink in your sex life? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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