Watch Devin Franco And Trenton Ducati As They Do “The Prison Bitch Dance”!

Watch Devin Franco And Trenton Ducati As They Do

It must have been a long day for some of you so let’s just give you something to make you relax and get you in the mood. How about we give you a dancing Trenton Ducati and Devin Franco? Sounds like a treat? Wait ’til you see them bust some moves!

Jasun Mark was trying to be generous when he uploaded this very short but sweet number featuring a shirtless Devin Franco and the ever-so-hot Trenton Ducati doing the “Prison Bitch Dance” in his YouTube channel. We are not so sure what a “Prison Bitch Dance” is or where it originated, or if it is an internet challenge because our eyes were glued on Devin when he set the mood as he opens the dance with his seductive moves. We did not care about anything after seeing him!

On 00:18 mark, you would see Trenton Ducati joining Devin as they both start dancing in a naughty manner.

The clip was taken during a Fetish Force shooting according to the channel. Watch the full video at your own risk and see if you can control yourself:

What can you say about their sexy dancing? Was it enough to turn you on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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